Tiffen Announces Another Breakthrough Solution for IR Pollution
Tiffen T1 IR Filter  
The Tiffen Company, the world’s premier manufacturer of its award-winning Tiffen filters, and other well-respected brand name products to the consumer, video, motion picture and television imaging markets, introduced a new innovative filter to combat infrared light with the Tiffen T1 IR Filter.
CCD and CMOS sensors are made from Silicon, which is inherently sensitive to infrared energy; therefore, digital camera manufacturers have worked diligently in making sensors that see only the visible spectrum – most notably, the Sony EX1, EX3 and F35. These cameras have very effective internal hot mirrors, blocking wavelengths above 700mm -- a gradual cut off, intentionally made to preserve the red response. The Sony EX1 and EX3 feature “broad spectrum color” making them very sensitive to far red. This sensitivity to red is a positive feature.
NTSC and PAL formats have limitations – bright reds in particular – because of narrow bandwidth, reds have a tendency to smear. However, with the advent of digital cinematography and digital television, today’s cameras need to capture a much wider color gamut. The IR blocking technology now used in the Sony EX1 and EX3 allow the DOP to capture subtle hues of red never before seen digitally. To preserve as much of the camera’s enhanced red response as possible, a small portion of light must pass through the edge of the visible spectrum, causing the camera to see red where the naked eye cannot. Opening up this color channel leaves images vulnerable to IR contamination – in particular dark fabrics – greens become a reddish muddy brown and blacks have a magenta hue.
“With the Tiffen T1 IR filter capturing subtle hues of red are effortless, while maintaining crisp blacks and assisting the camera in capturing the wide color gamut it was designed for – with minimal light loss – ½ stop,” said Hilary Araujo, vice president Marketing at Tiffen.  The T1IR filter is manufactured using Tiffen’s proprietary ColorCore™ technology, where each effect is captured between two pieces of glass. This process allows Tiffen to grind and polish both surfaces providing the cinematographer with perfect parallelism and worry free handling.
This filter is made with Water White glass and is available in sizes 72mm and 77mm (thin profile wide angle ring), 82mm, 4x4, 4 x 5.65 and 6.6 x 6.6. Other sizes are available upon request.  
NOTE: The T1 IR filter contains no dichroic coating; therefore, it will not vignette green, magenta or cyan at wide angles. The T1 IR filter can be stacked with Neutral Densities up to 0.9; however, for best results it is recommended to use the Tiffen Full Spectrum IRND’s when heavier densities are required.
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