Steadicam Customer Service Center Opens in Japan 

Gin-ichi Corporation, Tiffen distributor of Tiffen Filters, Lowel Lighting, Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Systems and other name brand Tiffen products to the Japanese marketplace, recently announced it is opening a Steadicam and MPTV filter Customer Support desk in Tsukishima, adjacent to Gin-Ichi’s store and warehouse.

Gin-ichi founder, Toshi Niwa, stated that Gin-Ichi has always insisted on enforcing customer support and their commitment to Tiffen product customers.
The Customer Support Center will open in mid January and provide service of Steadicam equipment as well as the sale of small Steadicam parts and MPTV (large format) filters.  Customer support will also include live product demos, educational seminars and workshops. Gin-ichi will also assist customers with one-on-one sales assistance, in completing long term installment plan forms and bank lease programs.  
Shige Arai (standing on the right) will manage the desk, and work seamlessly with other staff members in the shop and rental departments. The primary goal of the Service Center is to separate the repairs and service from their store by allowing Gin-Ichi salespeople to concentrate on sales, while providing existing customers the opportunity to  sit down, learn,  and communicate with service staff, pick up repairs and review the latest accessories available for their rigs.

More details to follow.


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