Two New Diffusion Filters Added to Tiffen Lineup

The Tiffen Company, the world’s premier manufacturer of photographic accessories including well-respected brand name products in the consumer, video, motion picture and television imaging markets, announced today at the NAB Show, the addition of two new diffusion filters to their award-winning optical filter line -- Soft/FX® Black Pro-Mist® and Black Glimmer Digital Diffusion/FX®.

The Tiffen Soft/FX Black Pro-Mist is a combination of the existing Soft/FX filter and Black Pro-Mist filter.  The Soft/FX ½ is maintained throughout with a range of Black Pro-Mist densities, which produces an ethereal mood to images.  The filter provides a wide range of diffusion, while toning down excessive sharpness and creating a soft pastel effect.  In addition, this filter combination reveals more shadow detail and produces a dreamy glow to subjects with enhanced but controlled halation.

The Tiffen Black Glimmer Digital Diffusion/FX is a unique filter that cannot be reproduced by any combination of diffusion filters.  Using the same advanced diffusion filter technology as the Digital Diffusion/FX, Tiffen has produced a filter ideal for High-definition cameras. producing enhanced  beauty, while maintaining the richness of colors and blacks.  This diffusion filter maintains sharpness and softens detail in a unique manner, brightens all skintones and adds a mild glow and silky transition to highlights.

These new filters are now available in sizes 4x4 and 4x5.650. Other motion picture sizes are available upon request.


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