Tiffen Receives 2009 PPA Hot One Award for its Digital HT® Filters -
A Major Breakthrough in Multi-Coated Filters

Hauppauge, NY, January 28, 2009Tiffen, a Hauppauge based manufacturing company, announced that they had received the prestigious Professional Photographer’s Association 2009 Hot One Award for its Digital HT filters, a state-of-the-art technological breakthrough in multi-coated photo and video filters.  The Hot One Award winners represent photography’s best new products for professional application. Made for the discerning professional and imaging enthusiast, Digital HT filters with Hi-Trans® Double-Sided Titanium Multi-Coating surpass even military specifications for hardness and durability.*Digital HT™ - High Transmission - filters offer the strength of a Titanium coating combined with the purest optical quality glass and Tiffen’s Academy-Award-winning ColorCore™ technology. They present unmatched scratch-resistant durability and worry-free cleaning while other coated filters on the market today cautiously suggest delicate, if any, cleaning procedures, in fear of destroying the coating (and thereby the filter). 


And that’s not all – these High Transmission filters feature a low profile titanium- finish ring and anti-reflective black lock ring which sets these filters apart from the rest. 

Digital HT™ filters are made in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty – your guarantee of quality assurance.   

Digital HT™ filters are available as:  Digital Ultra Clear™, Haze 86 (with 86% UV absorption), Circular Polarizer, 812® Warming Filter, ND 0.6, ND 1.2, Soft/FX® 3, Star 4 Point 2, and Color-Grad® ND 0.6 in sizes 52mm-82mm. Each filter comes with its own distinctive soft pouch for storage when not in use. 

Tiffen’s research and development team has conquered the challenges of multi-coating. No longer is your investment in a multi-coated filter subject to the everyday challenges of dirt, humidity, and potential scratching which can render your multi-coated filter useless. 

Along with the extreme toughness and durability, Tiffen Digital HT™ Titanium Coating features excellent Anti-Reflective and Transmission (HT – High Transmission) characteristics. The Titanium coating consistently reflects less than 1% of the imaging light hitting the front surface of the filter (Figure 1), while transmitting nearly 99% (Figure 2). 

Figure 1

Figure 2

* Independent testing based on military specifications (MIL-C-48497) was conducted at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, NY. for abrasion, adhesion and humidity.



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