Tiffen Introduces New Steadicam Products at NAB 2012

The Steadicam Division of The Tiffen Company is pleased to announce the introduction of new and innovative Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Products during the 2012 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show in Las Vegas.  


A new generation "X" Series of the G50/70 Stabilizer Arms – the G-50x and G-70x – were introduced at the show offering a 29-inch boom range with outstanding camera-lifting capacities of up to 50 and 70 pounds for the G-50x and G-70x, respectively. The X-series tames high/low arm travel with adjustable positioning that dynamically rocks the spring termination as the arm is boomed up or down. The all-new bearing performance and geometry enhancements on the G-50x and G-70x Arms make even the slowest camera moves ultra-smooth. The Arms feature a new 3-year warranty that covers all components, including springs and socket blocks, as well as labor. The transferrable standard warranty also includes one complimentary factory tune-up to insure your Arm is performing at its best. Full details on these new Arms and warranty may be viewed at www.steadicam.com 


A performance upgrade is now offered for the current “G-Series” Arms. The price is $1,000 and includes a new One-Year Warranty.  


A radical new vest – the Fawcett Exovest – was introduced at the show. Chris Fawcett, Steadicam Operator, in conjunction with Garrett Brown and Jerry Holway, has invented a radical vest design that provides operators with unprecedented comfort, performance and support, featuring both front and rear mount operation. An articulated third-arm link was shown in the back mount configuration. Full details may be found at www.steadicam.com 


The New PILOT HD Series and SCOUT HD were unveiled at the show.  


The new Pilot HDMI version with aluminum non-adjustable post includes a 7.2V Charger and one battery as part of the package. This HDMI version includes the high-definition monitor.  Camera capacity is 9 pounds.  


The new PILOT HD/SDI version includes the high-definition monitor, new cabling/connectors, and adjustable post with camera capacity of 10 pounds.  


Both High Definition versions also have Standard Definition capability. 


Availability of the HDMI version is 45-60 days and the HD/SDI version is approximately 30 days.  


The new Scout HD offers new performance levels for high-definition cameras up to 18 pounds and features the 800 nit HD/SDI-Composite Monitor currently in use with Zephyr, Archer2, and Clipper. Full details may be found at www.steadicam.comAvailability is 30 days or less.  


The Merlin 2 - Introduced at CES, has begun to ship to our business partners worldwide! The Merlin 2 supports a wide range of video-capture devices and is perfect for DSLRs.


A new prompter from the LISTEC division – the SteadiPROMPT – designed for Steadicam systems, was unveiled at the show. Other stabilizer systems will be compatible with this new system. Featuring a lightweight and low-profile design, it is ideal for both studio and field operation.   


For more details and personal product demonstrations, contact your local Tiffen representative or go to www.tiffen.com.





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