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Tiffen Introduces the NEW Steadicam Ultra2 -
There’s Nothing Else Like It!
Las Vegas, NV, NAB 2006, Booth SU2989, April 24th - Steadicam, a division of The Tiffen Company, announced the introduction of the new Steadicam Ultra2.  The Ultra2 is a second generation Ultra with more features than ever before. The whole idea behind the Ultra – and now the Ultra2 – is to make it easy for the operator to operate with the most precision for every part of every shot.
The Ultra2 is the most advanced camera stabilizing system to be added to the existing Steadicam line of camera stabilizing systems. The Ultra2 is a comprehensive re-engineering effort resulting in a system that is user-friendly and field-serviceable, tool-free, straightforward, and versatile. It’s designed to make the user’s operating more precise and hassle free.
According to Frank Rush, Steadicam Manager, “We examined every detail of the sled, vest, and arm, first from the operator’s perspective, and then from a manufacturing and servicing point of view. How could we make everything better? You’ll see – the results are astonishing.”
Major improvements to the Ultra2 sled include a super stiff camera mounting stage, with “go to” motors, a deeply integrated tilt head, and a wider range of adjustment than ever before. Electronics on cards, no wiring harnesses, easy upgrades. Plug and play.
New positive locking post clamps - it’s either open and free, or it snaps closed – have been added.  The lever is hidden in the body of the clamp so nothing sticks out to catch you or a cable.
The awesome Ultra2 gimbal is stronger, smoother, and more precise – and the post clamp blends into the handle for a better operating grip. Remote control for the stage motors is ergonomically designed and adjustable to fit your hand.
The UltraBRITE2 monitor displays HDSDI, HD component and composite video. - every format you need, directly.  And, it’s the brightest 8.4” monitor @1400 nits – perfect for daylight viewing.  Anti-reflective coatings won’t burn out your eyeballs if you happen to catch a reflection from the sun or a big light.The Ultra2 monitor mount is strong, easy to flip for low mode, and boasts a wider range of positions, both vertically and horizontally.
The new, dual Steadicam/IDX 6000mAh batteries can handle any camera’s power requirements. A significantly smaller “electronics” box contains the new “backplane;” it eliminates the wiring harness and incorporates electronics on cards for easy upgrades and service. The battery mount is more flexible – you can now rotate the battery horizontally or below the rods for balancing with heavy cameras or to control inertia. There’s even a sexy shelf built into the bottom dovetail for mounting a Mini-DV camera or digital recorder.
The revolutionary G-70 arm is light, strong, and it can lift 13 to 70 pounds. The boom range exceeds any other arm out there – 32”. The G-70 arm is by far the smoothest, most responsive arm ever built.  Operators can feel how the arm behaves, regardless of the weight carried. With the “Geo” feature, you can tune your arm to your preferences for each shot. Even the arm post system incorporates an adjustable drag that does not change when you change posts.
Major improvements to the vest include a super stiff adjustable spar, “Double Vee” 100% positive shoulder clips, improved padding, and new over-center ratcheting buckles. It’s light and unobtrusive, and it works with the user’s body  (and the G-70 or G-50 arm!) to produce the smoothest possible shots. The Ultra 2 vest still has the world’s best quick release system.
Steadicam is a Division of The Tiffen Company with its headquarters located at 90 Oser Avenue, Hauppauge, New York 11788, Telephone: 631.273.2500  
Fax: 631.273.2557;
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