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Shot with Drift Ghost-S Camera on Steadicam Smoothee


Shot with Drift Ghost-S Camera on Steadicam Smoothee


Steadicam® Smoothee® Hand-held Stabilizer Quick Start Manual Part 1


Steadicam® Smoothee® Hand-held Stabilizer Super Smooth Shots Part 2 


Steadicam® Smoothee®  Hand-Held Stabilizer Tips & Tricks Part 3 


Steadicam® Smoothee® Hand Held Stabilizer in Low Mode Part 4




Smoothee at the
LA Car Show

 Smoothee at B&H Event   The Forest - Steadicam Smoothee
& GoPro in Action

Listen To Tiffen's Radio 
Real Audio
--- or ---

Windows Media Player 


iPhone 4 and 4S Testing

 iPhone 4 and 4S Shootout
 iPhone 4S Stabilization
 vs. Steadicam Smoothee

Steadicam Smoothee
Operations Manual Part 1

 Steadicam Smoothee
Operations Manual Part 2
Steadicam Smoothee
Operations Manual Part 3

 iPhone Film
Festival Winner

    SteadiCam Mount for your Android and iPhone   
David Morgasen on
Steadicam Smoothee 

Worlds of Smothee

Jillian and the
Smoothee Shoot Cars 

Tech Gadgets on
Steadicam Smoothee



Elvis with Smothee at CES

 Into Tomorrow: Steadicam Smoothee from Tiffen
Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline

Smoothee at CEA Lineshow

Smoothee at The Getty

     The Steadicam Smoothee™ from Tiffen CES: Tiffen's Steadicam Smoothee   

Smoothee on News 12

 Smoothee and iPhone
at The Getty

Smoothee Video

Smothee at CES





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