and Tiffen Filters
On Top of the World!

As told to Tiffen by Rob Turner of ITV News:
"We landed at Kathmandu and then had to take a flight to a small Mountain airstrip called Lukla via
a very old and rickety twin propeller plane. Hairy! 
Rolling over in bed at this height leaves you breathless, picking up the camera gives you a headache,
Flying the rig for 45 minutes leaves you almost useless for the rest of the day.... totally worth it!!"
Rob Turner

"From Lukla we hired 14 porters to hand carry the 24 flight cases on the 14 day trek to Base Camp.
The trek was hard work, I suffered from Acute mountain sickness (AMS) for a couple of days on the
way up due to the increasing lack of oxygen."

"On arrival at Base Camp we set up our kit and declared ourselves the highest edit suit in the world.
5350 meters or 17,550 ft."

"Then it was time for filming to start.... out comes the Archer SE, and some amazing
piece to cameras and GVs of dripping ice later and I'm hoping I'm the highest Steadicam operator too."

"Our aim, to provide news coverage for 3 programmes a day from Everest Base Camp for ITV1."

Yes, you certainly need that Tiffen Color-Grad Filter up there!

"I'm using hytron 140's for the camera and Steadicam PowerCubes when its on the rig,
and being lithium the cold is not effecting them as badly as I thought." 

"We have a little Honda generator (EU 10i) that is coping quite well up
here to run all gear and do the charging."

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