ANTI-TWIST PLATES - Prevent camera from twisting off axis from flash.  Register and lock camera in position on bracket.  Ultra-thin plates mount via locating pins on camera platform.  Recommended for use with all brackets (not compatible with Quick Flips).  Required for use with Stroboflip bracket. See guide below for AT-Plate compatibility and catalog number.

Digital Camera  Anti-Twist Plate Catalog Number
Canon EOS 10D 300-EOS
Canon EOS 10D w/ Battery Pack Cork Pad*
Canon EOS 20D 300-SLR
Canon EOS 20D w/BG-E2 Battery Pack 300-BE1
New Canon EOS 30D  300-SLR
New Canon EOS 30D w/Battery Pack 300-BE1
Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300-EOS
Canon EOS Digital Rebel w/ Vertical Grip 300-BE1
Canon EOS 1D 300-BE1
Canon EOS 1Ds 300-EOS
Canon EOS 1D Mark II 300-BE1
Canon EOS Rebel XT 300-SLR
Canon EOS Rebel XT w/ Battery Pack Cork Pad*
Canon 5D 300-EOS
Canon 5D w/ Battery Pack 300-NF5
Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro 300-FS1
Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro 300-SLR
Fuji Finepix S7000 300-SLR
Kodak DCS Pro 14n Cork Pad*
Kodak Easyshare DX6490 Cork Pad*
Nikon D1x 300-NF5
Nikon D1h 300-BE1
Nikon D2h and Nikon D2x 300-EOS
Nikon D2hs 300-BE1
Nikon D70 300-NF4
Nikon D100 300-SLR
Nikon D200 w/o Battery Pack 300-SLR
Nikon D200 w/ Battery Pack 300-NF5
Nikon Coolpix 5700 Cork Pad*
Olympus E-1 Cork Pad*
Olympus E-1 w/ Battery Pack Cork Pad*
Pentax *istD 300-SLR
35mm SLR Camera (unless otherwise specified) 300-SLR
Bronica ETR 300-ETR
Bronica ETR with Motor (on Pro-RL only) CORK-PAD*
Bronica ETR with Speed Grip  300-ETR
Bronica GS1 300-GS1
Bronica GSI with speed grip 300-ETR
Bronica SQA 300-SQA
Bronica SQA with motor (on Pro-SQ only) CORK-PAD*
Bronica SQA with speed grip on Pro-SQ CORK-PAD*
Canon A2 300-H35
Canon A2, A2E with VG10 vertical grip 300-VG1
Canon D30 with BG-ED3 300-BE1
Canon Elan 7 with BP 300 300-EOS
Canon Elan 7, EOS-1D 300-BE1
Canon Elan and Elan II 300-H35
Canon Elan II and Elan IIE with BP-50 (Pro RL Only) 300-BP5
Canon EOS 3 300-EOS
Canon EOS-1, EOS-1N & EOS-3 300-EOS
Canon EOS-1, EOS1N with BP-E1 or E1 300-BE1
Canon EOS 3 with vertical grip 300-BE1
Canon EOS IV 300-EOS
Canon 1V-35 300-EOS
Canon 1V-35 with Battery Pack 300-BE1
Hasselblad 300-HAS
Mamiya (except Mamiya 6) Contax 645 300-MAM
Minolta 800SI CORK-PAD*
Minolta Maxxum 9 300-H35
Nikon Coolpix Cameras 300-SLR
Nikon F4 and F4E with MB23 300-BE1
Nikon F4 with MB20 battery pack 300-H35
Nikon F4 with MB21 battery pack 300-NF4
Nikon F5 300-NF5
Nikon F6   300-H35
Nikon F6 with MB40 300-NF5
Nikon N80 300-SLR
Nikon N80 with MB16 Grip 300-SLR
Nikon N90, N90S, F100, D1X 300-H35
Nikon N90S with MB10 or F100 with MB15 300-BE1
Pentax 6 x 7 (on Pro-T only) 300-PTX
Pentax 645 and 645N 300-PTX
* AT-Plate not applicable; cork pad (supplied with all Stroboframe brackets) provides adequate anti-twist prevention.
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