From the world leader in flash bracket innovation.
First introduced in 1976, Stroboframe flash brackets have evolved into a comprehensive system known for innovative features and outstanding quality. Stroboframe brackets provide perfectly centered, overhead flash, eliminating side shadows and "red-eye". With your camera and a Stroboframe bracket you'll produce the kind of natural, flattering photographs that will delight your clients, time after time.

On-camera or side-mounted flash:
Flat lighting, harsh shadows and "red-eye."


With a Stroboframe bracket. Better lighting,
with subdued shadows and no "red-eye."



Selecting the Stroboframe Bracket and Accessories for your Camera
Stroboframe brackets are available for the majority of professional, hand-held cameras in both 35mm, medium format, and digital cameras. 

 Stroboframe Brackets are offered in 3 configurations:

1"Camera-Rotating Brackets" - The Most Versatile
Featuring the original, patented Rotary-Link™, this family of brackets is made especially for rectangular-format cameras.  These brackets allow you to rotate the camera, keeping the flash centered above the lens for both horizontal and vertical compositions.  This design permits unlimited flash positioning and aiming.  It is also the best bracket for use with a tripod.  Rotary-Link brackets are the most versatile of the Stroboframe system. 

2. “Flash-Rotating” Brackets - Compact and Lightweight
Rotate the flash, not the camera. Keep the flash centered over the lens for horizontal and vertical compositions. Generally lighter and more compact than the camera-rotating models.

3. Square-Format Brackets - For 6x6 Cameras
Since square is square, there is no need to rotate the camera or flash.  These non-rotating brackets still keep the flash centered over the lens, while allowing the flash unit to be adjusted for tilt and bounce.  Square-format brackets work well on a tripod, too.

For every camera, for every flash
All Stroboframe brackets are supported by a full range of flash mounts, Camera Anti-Twist ("AT") Plates and Quick Release ("QR") options. Moreover, these accessories are interchangeable for many of the brackets, so that if your needs or equipment change, your Stroboframe system will never become obsolete.

Choose the Stroboframe Bracket that’s best for you. 

Superior design, materials and manufacture
In designing our brackets, we incorporate two decades of design know-how and the comments and suggestions of professional photographers. Stroboframe brackets are made in the USA, constructed of aircraft aluminum with baked-on epoxy finishes for long wear. All rotating components feature nylon bearings or inserts and hand grips are made of either selected American walnut or cushioned, high-density neoprene foam. What's more, all Stroboframe products have a five-year limited warranty without the fine print. Which means if it breaks, we'll fix it.


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