Kodak Allies with Tiffen Company

To Expand Distribution and Line of Photographic Accessories

ROCHESTER, NY, December 3 —Eastman Kodak Company, has entered into a strategic alliance with the Tiffen Company. As part of this this alliance, Tiffen will market, sell and distribute Kodak Professional’s Wratten Filters, acetate filters, Polymax Filters, step tablets, control devices, and darkroom accessories. Working with Kodak’s Consumer Imaging and Kodak Professional divisions, Tiffen will also introduce a broader range of new consumer and professional photographic accessories that will be sold as Kodak Gear or Kodak ProGear. These products include lenses, tripods, camera bags and filters that will be sold in the consumer mass retail channels and through professional photo dealers.

"Tiffen can give our excellent accessory products the attention they deserve, expanding Kodak’s brand presence in both traditional photo specialty and mass merchandise locations," said Patrick T. Siewert, President, Kodak Professional and Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. "This move supports the company’s key growth initiatives by extending our brand presence into new product lines and by building key alliances to meet our business objectives."

Founded in 1938, Tiffen is one of the most comprehensive manufacturers/distributors of photographic products for the photography, motion picture and television industries. Especially well known for its filter products, Tiffen has been honored with two Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Academy Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award for Engineering Excellence from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy for Technical  Achievement. Tiffen also offers filters and accessories for the digital camera market. The company’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are in Hauppauge, N.Y. In addition, Tiffen has a manufacturing, marketing and distribution operation in Rochester, N.Y., and the Tiffen Technical Center in Burbank, Calif.

"We’re thrilled to have these Kodak products expand our extensive portfolio of photographic products and look forward to strengthening our already substantial relationship with Kodak," said Steve Tiffen, President of Tiffen. "This move fits extremely well with our strategic direction, fuels our continued growth and reinforces Tiffen’s leadership within the industry."

Under the agreement, Kodak Professional will transition certain existing accessories to Tiffen on a worldwide basis and will discontinue these items from its own catalog. Kodak will continue to manufacture Kodak Wratten filters (now offered in 150 varieties) for distribution by Tiffen and will work with Tiffen on product management activities.

Kodak will feature the new Kodak Gear products at its booth during the PMA 2000 convention and trade show in Las Vegas in February.