“Add More Beauty to Any Sky“
Transform a “washed out” sky into one of vibrant color. Even improve sunrises and sunsets. Create more balanced exposures where there’s uneven lighting between the sky and the ground-- all with Tiffen Color-Grad filters, which are half clear glass graduating to half color.
·         Tiffen offers Color Grads in both “SE” for soft edge and “HE” for hard edge. This lets you decide if you want a gradual color change or a sharper half clear-half color division.
·         Tiffen offers Color Grads designated “H” for horizontal and “V” for vertical color grad orientation. Standard Tiffen Color Grads are supplied in HSE format (horizontal/soft edge) unless specified.
·         Hard Edge: Depending on the size of the filter, the transition area is approximately ¼” – ½” wide before reaching full density.
·         Soft Edge: Depending on the size of the filter, the transition area is approximately ½ - 2” wide before reaching full density.
·         Color-Grad® “Hard” edge filters are preferable with telephoto lenses.
·         Color-Grad® “Soft” edge filters are preferable with wide angle lenses.
·         Color Grads are available in a number of colors, many in densities 1-3 or 1-5 (the higher density number equals a stronger color effect). The density must be specified.
·         Color Grads in rectangular or square format offer more control and more precise placement compared with screw-in Color Grads whose graduated area can’t be adjusted. Screw-in Color Grads have rotating mounts.
·         The most popular are the Neutral Density Color Grads, especially the Color -Grad® ND 0.6 or ND 0.9 for exposure control. Other popular colors are Color- Grad® SkyFire, Twilight, Sunset, Blue, Coral, Cool Blue, Tobacco, Red, Tropic Blue, Cyan, Coral, Straw, Plum and Magenta.
·         Skyfire Color-Grad® is a dramatic and innovative combination of colors and a Neutral Density effect. The filter starts at one edge as a neutral density/red blend, then shifts to salmon, then straw to clear—for increased image intensity.
·         Twilight Color Grad is a striking combination of colors starting at the top with a deep lavender color, blending to soft pink, which eventually fades to clear.

·         Color Grad Sunrise changes from clear to an orange tone. The Color Grad Sunset is clear to yellow, to red, then blending to an orange tone.