"Changing The Look"
85 Color conversion filter - orange tone. Utilized to convert tungsten indoor Type A film that is color balanced for 3400 Kelvin lighting to be utilized outdoors under 5500 K. (daylight) The 85 series also features an 85B (converts Type B film to daylight / converts 3200K - 5500K) & 85C filter. (Produces warmer results with daylight film, cooler results with tungsten film)   Light Loss: 2/3 f:stop
FL-D - Color corrects daylight film utilized under fluorescent lighting, which yields a harsh blue/green cast. Natural color tones are rendered with the FL-D. An FL-B is also available when shooting tungsten film under fluorescent lighting. Light Loss: 1 f:stop
81A - Light balancing filter - yellowish/brown tone (amber). Warms up the look of day, (warms look of later morning to early afternoon) reduces blue cast often found in outdoor open shade, on rainy days & on snowy days. Lowers Kelvin temperature) also featured in the 81 series is the 81B, 81C, and 81EF for graduated greater warming effects. (The 81EF causes the greatest decrease in Kelvin temperature in the 81 series and offers very dramatic warming effects) Light Loss: 1/3 f:stop
WARM 812 exclusive Tiffen warming filter that is referred to as the "Greatest All-Around Warming Filter". Warms and enhances skin tones, reduces lighting flashback often incurred in facial cheek and forehead areas, reduces excess blue in outdoor open shade. Ideal for reducing the bluish cast often generated from video lights. The 812 offers a reddish, more natural warming tone than the 81A. Can be left on the lens at all times. Light Loss: 1/3 f:stop
82A Light balancing filter - light blue tone. Cools lighting situations by raising the Kelvin temperature and reduces warm tones. (Does not cool as dramatic as 80 series filters) Ideal for reducing warm red tones often found in early morning or late afternoon light. Also featured in the 82 series is an 82B. Light Loss: 1/3 f:stop
CORAL Color conversion filters - salmon color, used to warm Kelvin temperature for different times of the day. Available in fractional (1/8, 1/4, 1/2) and full densities (15) The greater the density, the deeper the filter color & the greater the warming effect.

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