"Image Softening Without Image Deterioration "
BLACK DIFFUSION/FX® - A unique optical construction that produces the most advanced diffuser effect ever developed by Tiffen. Creates a soft focus look that is hard to detect that a filter was even utilized. Unsurpassed features for people images in suppressing facial blemishes and wrinkles, while maintaining a clear, focused image. Gives a silky-smooth look to textured surfaces. Eliminates unwanted details without achieving a "dull" or "fuzzy" look. Slightly subdues highlights while producing only a bare minimum of light flare. The Black Diffusion FX offers a "Very Subtle" softening look even at its greatest #5 density. The lighter densities are often utilized to obtain the "Film Look" in video. Available in densities 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1-5. Light Loss: 1/3 f:stop
GOLD DIFFUSION FX® - Combines all of the subtle soft focus qualities of the Black Diffusion FX filter while adding a special golden warmth to the scene. Neutral colors appear to be minimally affected, while cool colors and skin tones are slightly warmed and softened. The degree of warmth remains constant throughout all of the densities. Available in densities 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1-5. Light Loss: 1/3f:stop
SOFT FX® - Has a pattern of tiny lenslets designed specifically to put fine image elements, like wrinkles and skin blemishes, out of focus while leaving larger details such as eyes, sharp. Lighter densities are very subtle. Offers virtually no reduction in contrast. Produces some degree of flare depending on the lighting condition.  Compared to the Black Diffusion FX, the Soft FX offers a greater softening effect and a higher degree of halation. Available in densities 1/2, 1-5. Light Loss: 0 f:stop
WARM SOFT FX® - Combination filter containing a Soft FX effect combined with a Warm 812. Produces a warm soft focus look that is ideal in rendering healthy appearing skin tones. Different from a Gold Diffusion FX in that the softening effect is not as subtle and the added warming effect offers a slightly reddish tone as compared the Gold DFX's golden tone. The degree of warmth remains constant throughout all of the densities. Available in densities 1/2, 1-5. (A Warm Soft FX effect can be achieved by combining a neutral Soft FX filter "stacked" with a Warm 812 filter.) Light Loss: 1/3 f:stop
Glimmerglass - First series of filters with a “psychological edge”. Softens fine details in a unique manner while adding a mild glow to highlights. As contrast is also reduced, the look is one of enhanced beauty.   Glass has a distinct “sparkle” that makes people feel more confident in the knowledge that the filter is working for them and they may also turn in a better performance. Available in grades 1-5. 
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