“There Is A Difference”
Tiffen offers a number of choices to help protect valuable lenses:
Clear: Optical quality clear glass, the most economical way to protect your lens, is available in Standard, Premium, and 7mm thick.
Standard Clear is 4mm thick. The 7mm thick Clear is the same type of glass as Standard, but 3mm thicker to enable use with certain Arriflex cameras requiring 7mm filter thickness for proper fit. Premium Clear is made of optimum water white glass, giving better light transmission when compared with Standard Clear. Premium Clear is priced higher than Standard Clear.
Light Loss: 0 f-stop    UV Absorption: 12%
Sky 1-A:   Light pinkish tinted glass for slight warming effect. Useful when shooting on overcast days and in outdoor open shade. Available in standard and wide angle mounts.
Light Loss: 0 f-stop    UV Absorption: 45.5%
Haze 1:Clear glass filter absorbs more UV light than Sky 1-A. Helpful when photographing mountain, aerial, and marine scenes, where haze can make photographs lose color and clarity. Available in standard and wide angle mounts.
Light Loss: 0 f-stop     UV Absorption: 71%
812® Color Warming Filter: Exclusive Tiffen filter that warms skin tones and reduces the excess blue cast often caused by electronic flash, video lights, and outdoor open shade. Minimizes the lighting flashback often seen on cheek and forehead areas. Creates a greater warming effect than Sky 1-A. Works equally well with photo, digital and video lenses. The 812 filter forms part of the combination in all Tiffen “Warm ____” filters, such as Warm Polarizer, Warm Soft FX, Warm Pro Mist, Warm Black Pro Mist, Warm Center Spot, and Warm UV.
Light Loss: 1/3 f-stop     UV Absorption: 50%                  
Warm UV:  Exclusive Tiffen filter that combines a Warm 812 and an “extreme haze penetrating” feature. Much greater UV absorption than Haze 1. Very useful, all-around filter is ideal for lens protection and maximum UV absorption, while improving images of people, images shot with electronic flash or video lights, and images shot in outdoor open shade.
Light Loss: 1/3 f-stop      UV Absorption: 97%
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