“'Which Is Best For My Camera"
LINEAR (SR) - Produces deeper colored blue skies, which also provides a striking contrast with white clouds. Minimizes light reflections from glass and water reduces glare from non-metallic surfaces. Provides a general color saturation to both cool tone and warm toned colors. May be used in extremely bright light situations to reduce the amount of light entering the camera for selected depth of field control. Manufactured in self-rotating or drop in format. Utilizing the Linear Polarizer with an auto focus camera with beam splitting metering system will result in improper under exposure of approximately 2-3 f:stops. Light is polarized by both the filter and the AF camera's beam splitting meter which results in double polarization) Linear Polarizer may be utilized with both non-auto focus and auto focus video cameras. Light Loss: 2f:stops
CIRCULAR POLARIZER - Provides all the features of a Linear Polarizer. Designed to be used with auto focus cameras with beam splitting metering systems. The Circular Polarizer is constructed as a Linear Polarizer with a "Wave Retardant" built in to ensure proper exposure. The linear portion polarizes the light, the wave retardant de-polarizes it, and the AF camera's beam splitting meter polarizes the light for proper exposure. The use of a Linear Polarizer with a beam splitting metering camera will result in under exposure. Light Loss: 2 f:stops
ULTRA POLARIZER - Provides a much greater polarizing effect as compared to a standard linear polarizer. Causes deeper saturated colors, deeper blue skies, and a greater reduction of reflections. Achieves the ultimate polarizing effect. Available in an Ultra Linear or Ultra Circular polarizing effects. Light Loss: 2 f:stops
WARM LINEAR POLARIZER - Features the combination of a self-rotating Linear Polarizer and the exclusive Tiffen Warm 812 filter. Offers all polarizing features along with those of 812: warms scene, eliminates excess blue from blue cast situations as found with electronic flash, video lights, and outdoor open shade. Light Loss: 2 f:stops
85 POLARIZER - Combination Linear Polarizer combined with an 85-color conversion filter. Converts Type A film to daylight with the addition of a polarizing effect. Available in rotating & non-rotating filter mounts. Light Loss: 2 2/3 f:stop

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