"Achieving Dramatic Effects"
1.       Stack a Polarizer and Enhancing filter together for super outdoor saturated colors.
2.      A11 Tiffen filters that have the word "Warm" in their title feature the added combination of the exclusive Tiffen Warm 812 filter. You can create a "Warm" effect with a neutral Soft FX, Pro Mist, Black Pro Mist, or Circular Polarizer by stacking the filter with a Warm 812 filter.
3.      The difference between a Fog and a Double Fog filter is that a Fog filters renders all objects in the scene to be in the same fog density. A Double Fog renders closer objects to the filter to be in a lighter fog as opposed to those objects in the distance.
4.      The difference of Sepia filters is that a Sepia 2 and a Sepia 3 filter is that they both offer the same sepia tone coloring but a light fog effect is added to the Sepia 3 for additional effect.
5.      Split Field Lenses are essentially Close Up Lenses cut in half that allow the close focusing of a nearby object while also maintaining sharp backgrounds. (Allows tremendous depth of field) Available in densities +1/2, +1, +2, & +3. The greater the density, the closer you are allowed to focus in on an object.
6.      Combination Colors: 81EEN3, 81EEN6, 81EEN9, 81EEN1.2, 85N3, 85N6, 85N9, 85N1.2, 85BN3, 85BN6, 85BN9, and 85BN1.2 - dual-purpose filters with combined effects. Ex: 85N6= combines an 85 with a Neutral Density 0.6. Eliminates the need to stack these very important individual filters together that are often used in conjunction with each other.
7.      Day for Night filters are an easy and cost effective way to create a realistic dusk or nighttime appearance when filming during the day. Day for Night filters are available in two versions: Cool Day for Night - simulates a feeling of moonlight by rendering a lavender tone to the scene and is combined with a low contrast component. The low contrast component diminishes the ability to see detail as found in natural low lighting scenes. The Monochrome Day for Night is a yellow-green tone filter, which removes much of the red tones of a scene for a monochromatic effect. The Day for Night skews the color balance as found in natural low light levels where sensitivity of the eye to color is reduced. Absorbs 2 f:stops, which should not be compensated for.
8.    Streak filter renders a single light ray effect from a light source or a reflective metallic or water surface.
9.    Smoque™ - Produces a smoke-like effect without the cost and hassle of a generator or the smoke it produces. Available in grades 1-4.
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