"A Star Is Born"

·         Star effect filters have grid patterns, similar to those on graph paper, etched onto optically clear glass.
·         The spacing of the etched lines - which may be 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm apart influence the brightness of the rays. The closer the line spacing, the brighter the star effect produced. This is due to the close spacing where more etched lines coincide with the path of light to the film, and this channels a greater amount of light to form the star.
·         A 1mm grid spacing produces a brighter and broader star effect with long rays vs. 4mm spacing, which offers a dimmer, very fine-lined effect, and shorter rays.
·         The star effect produced also depends on the intensity of the light source, the distance f rom the light source, the angle to the light source, and the lighting condition. Scenes of greater contrast will tend to display a more pronounced star effect such as a street light at night.
·         Stars with 1 mm spacing that create brighter star effects tend to reduce contrast in the scene.
·         Star filters are available in different star rays such as 4 point, 6 point, & 8 point. Consideration must be given to the scene as to which "ray" filter is to be used. In some cases, a 6pt. or 8pt. Star effect may be to domineering in a scene. There are also times that a very subtle star effect is desired.
·         Star filters may be rotated for precise positioning of the rays in the scene. A11 Tiffen screw in filter stars are assembled in rotating mounts.
·         Star effects may also be obtained from reflections off of water or metallic objects.
·         The selection of aperture has no effect on the dependence of the star effect.
·         Tiffen in addition to offering their standard Star filters also offer a series of filters known as Hollywood FX Star effects. These stars were originally created for special effects for Hollywood productions. These HFX Star filters have very special etched lines in their glass to offer very unique star ray patterns. Unlike standard Star filters, HFX Stars do not offer all of their star rays equidistant apart and their rays are not all equal in length - but very unique & distinct star patterns: Hollywood, Hyper, North, & Vector star effects.

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