The New Steadicam Ultra2  - Stabilized Operating Re-defined
Las Vegas, NV, NAB 2007, Booth SU8520, April 15th - The Tiffen Company, takes great pride in introducing the world’s most advanced Steadicam®, the Ultra2.
Tiffen is committed to excellence, innovation and service, and the Ultra2 is a system that is designed to evolve with its owners. User-friendly, field-serviceable, tool-free, straightforward and versatile, the Ultra2 empowers operating skills as never before. Each component is designed so the operator can quickly and easily configure the Ultra2 to the best advantage for each shot.
In its time, the Steadicam® Ultra was the most innovative rig anywhere.  Its patented 4-part post, tilt-head, motorized stage, inertial control and tool-free operation were unprecedented.  According to Larry McConkey, Steadicam owner and operator, “The new Steadicam Ultra2 is flat-out amazing”.  
The New Ultra2 is the most advanced model to be added to the existing Steadicam line of camera stabilizing systems. A comprehensive re-engineering effort has yielded a system that is the lightest, toughest, strongest, most advanced “big rig” on Earth designed from top to bottom to make operating more precise and hassle free.  There’s nothing else like it!
Steadicam Tool-Free operation guarantees that all the Ultra2’s advanced features can be used without fumbling under real-world, fast-paced conditions.
Its Modular Design can be easily modified, upgraded, maintained, and serviced.
The amazing G–70 Arm is lightweight  - 11 lbs - and hand-adjustable and lifts from 12 to 70 pounds.   The new ‘Ride’ knob alters iso-elasticity so for the first time, users can precisely set how the arm behaves, regardless of the weight carried.  The unique “Geo” feature alters spring geometry as it booms up and down to make the G-70 the smoothest, most well-behaved arm ever, throughout its astounding vertical range of 32 inches!  The new tool-free arm post holder is quick and positive, and its independent drag control delivers the precise rotation resistance desired – from completely free to totally locked, even when changing posts. At the other end of the arm, the new ‘kick-back’ link reduces “doorway” clearance and keeps the arm from banging against the operator on the run.

The Position Sensing, Ultra Rigid, Motorized Stage increases the precision and repeatability of every shot. Stage positioning is smooth and effortless, with a greater fore aft and side to side range than ever; and operators can trim the sled’s balance on the fly! “Go-to” buttons on the gimbal remote, rebalance the sled to pre-determined positions and return “home” with just one touch.  Electronics are all on plug and play circuit boards, with no wiring harnesses, so upgrades are easy and user installed. 
The new, Wide Dovetail Lock has a broader, more positive grip on the dovetail plate, while the handle has a safety stop to prevent accidental release.
The Integral Tilt Head tilts +/– 20º to preserve dynamic balance, to maintain high or low lens height, helping with clearance, reach, or viewing problems, or to execute precise whip pans with the lens angled up or down.
The Ultra2 Gimbal is the smoothest, most precise gimbal ever made, with heavy duty, high precision bearings and an ergonomic yoke, and it’s easy to take apart for cleaning. It comes with its own tool – “The Blue Whale” – which operators can use to precisely center the gimbal in the field, even after years of hard knocks.  The new, positive, low-profile clamp blends into the handle for a better operating grip.
The Four section, carbon fiber Telescoping Post extends the sled from 26 to 72 inches – or anywhere in between – for short to long mode shooting, floor to ceiling!  Inside the four posts, the Ultra2’s patented curly-cableTM system comes standard with discrete, 14 and 28 volt lines providing sustained high-amp capacity (14 gauge wires!), plus separate dedicated un-interrupted HDSDI and HD component coaxes, composite video in/out, as well as communications lines.
The new post, monitor, and gimbal Low-Profile Clamps are either open and free, or positively locked, with the over-centers clamping action. The clamp lever is ergonomically recessed into the clamp bodies, so nothing sticks out to catch on a cable.
The Swept-Back Monitor Mount is designed for maximum stiffness, inertial control, and viewing options. It now offers a wider range of positions, both vertically and horizontally, and the flip-to-low-mode dovetail mount is both quick and positive.
The Ultra2 Modular Electronics provides a “backplane” system that replaces the traditional wiring harness and supports user-replaceable circuit boards. Microprocessors are software upgradeable.  The new, smaller electronics box continues our exclusive narrow sled design and adds a sloped front connector panel, a one button artificial horizon, multi-select volt/amp display, and electronic frame line generator.
The Structural Dovetail Base solidly mount gyros, antlers, and other accessories and includes positive latches for the battery rods and a pull out mounting plate for accessories.
The UltraBRITE2™ monitor boasts an 8.4 inch, 1400 nits bright, advanced AR coating, and HDSDI, HD component, and analog composite direct inputs, with quick access to the most commonly used functions – framelines, level, brightness, and contrast.  Its unique new design lets it run cool even without a fan. On the front is an LED artificial horizon display for all modes, and two built-in, pre-wired tally lights.
The exclusive new Steadicam PowerCube™ is the most advanced battery pack available.  Delivering 14.8 volts and 6000mAh each, a pair provides 220 watt hours with high amperage discharge – plenty of power for the sled and today’s power hungry 35mm and High Def video cameras. In the standard mode, the sled is powered by two batteries in series to create 24 volts and 12 volts via a 100 watt down converter.  Flip the on-off switch in the other direction to power everything on one battery for a lightweight 12 volt mode. A simple wire change inside the battery holder enables paralleling the two batteries for very high amp draw, 12 volt cameras like the Genesis.
The new Tilting Battery Mount can be angled over 180 degrees and creates additional options for balancing and inertial control.
The Ultra2  Vest is simply the best fitting and strongest “front-mount” style vest ever.  It begins with a super-stiff adjustable spar, “Double Vee” should clips, improved padding and new over-center ratcheting buckles. Lightweight, unobtrusive and superbly ergonomic, the vest works perfectly with the new generation of G-series arms.  And the Ultra2 Vest still has the world’s best quick-release system for safety.
The 10:1 Inertial Control allows the monitor to be extended 17 inches and the battery pack 16 inches, creating a total of about 2,564 pound inch2 in the pan axis. That's about twice as much pan inertia as the maximum on the original Ultra - superb for windy conditions, shooting architecture, and precise lockoffs.
All of the above features are integral to the Ultra2 design; ready to be used when needed. The Ultra2 continues the Ultra tradition – as the most versatile and user-friendly Steadicam® ever made.  It lets one operate with minimum effort and maximum precision for every part of every shot.  The sled is configured as desired: short, long, whippy or slow.  Dynamic balance is maintained as one trims on the fly for each part of the shot and returns to nominal with the push of a button.  The Ultra2 is the lightest, toughest, most precise heavy-duty “big rig”’ ever made, and it’s the key to high-performance Steadicam® operating.
Steadicam is a Division of The Tiffen Company, 90 Oser Avenue, Hauppauge, New York 11788, Telephone: 631.273.2500, Fax: 631.273.2557;
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