Tiffen Introduces the Steadicam® Ultra2c

Hauppauge, New York,  April 20th – Steadicam, a division of The Tiffen Company, announced the introduction of the new Steadicam® Ultra2c.

The Ultra2c is a basic version of the award winning Ultra2 with more options than any other stabilizer. Tiffen was honored by the Society of Camera Operators who awarded their Technical Achievement Award to the Ultra2 Steadicam. The Ultra2c is user-friendly and field-serviceable. It’s tool-free, straightforward, and versatile, giving the operator the most options for hassel-free, precision control.

The Steadicam® Ultra2c is part of the most advanced system in the Steadicam line. The operator can now start with the most basic unit, and then add or upgrade features as needed.

According to Frank Rush, Steadicam Manager, “Giving the customer the choice to customize their rigs, and to easily upgrade or modify as needed, is what operators have been telling us what they wanted. We listened, and we’re now offering the Ultra2c.”

The Ultra2c sled includes the super stiff, wide camera mounting stage and the deeply integrated tilt head. The stage electronics are on cards, with no wiring harnesses. It’s easy to upgrade – everything is plug and play. The “go to” motors are optional in the Ultra2c, but the sled is “motor ready,” so they are easily added – even one motor at a time.

 The 4-section telescoping post is standard. The sled extends from 28 to 72 inches (71-183 cm) via the Ultra2’s classic and worry-free positive locking post clamps – great for instant super-high or super low modes. The clamp’s lever is hidden in the body of the clamp so nothing sticks out to catch you or a cable.

The awesome Ultra2 gimbal is strong, smooth, and precise – and the post clamp blends into the handle for a better operating grip. The optional remote control for the stage motors is ergonomically designed and adjustable to fit your hand.

The provided 7” Color LCD Standard Definition Monitor works in both NTSC and PAL video formats.  The 700 nits brightness level and anti-reflective (AR) coatings assure the operator can see an image in bright daylight environments.  The standard Frameline Generator resides in the Ultra2c base, assuring that other optional monitors can be added while retaining this function.

The optional UltraBRITE2 monitor displays HDSDI, HD component and composite video in every format you need, directly.  And, it’s the brightest 8.4” monitor on the market @1400 nits – perfect for daylight viewing.

The Ultra2c monitor mount is strong and easy to flip for low mode. It boasts a wide range of positions, both vertically and horizontally, for better viewing and balance. All monitors pivot on their center of gravity, critical for maintaining dynamic balance.

Batteries can be in series for 24 volts or paralleled for high amperage 12 volt situations. Choose either Anton Bauer or V-mount styles, and the batteries and chargers you want. The optional PowerCube™ 6000mAh batteries can handle any camera’s power requirements. The batteries rotate 180 degrees, making it easy to statically and dynamically balance the sled, or precisely control inertia.

The small electronics box in the base contains a “backplane;” eliminating the wiring harness. All electronics are on cards for easy upgrades and service.

The revolutionary G-70 arm is light weight but strong, and it can lift 13 to 70 pounds (6-32 kg). The G-70 arm is by far the smoothest, most responsive arm ever built, and boasts a huge 32 inch (81 cm) boom range. With the “Geo” feature, you can tune your arm to your preferences for each shot. Operators also can adjust how the arm behaves, regardless of the weight carried. The quick-change arm post system incorporates an adjustable drag – from completely free to locked.

Major improvements to the Ultra2 Vest include a super stiff adjustable spar, “Double Vee” 100% positive shoulder clips, improved padding, and new over-center ratcheting buckles. It’s light and unobtrusive, and it works with the user’s body (and the G-70 arm!) to produce the smoothest possible shots. The Ultra2 vest still has the world’s best quick release system.

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