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The Flyer-LE Features:


  • Frictionless, silky smooth Iso-Elastic™ Stabilizer Arm
  • Huge 30" double-section lifting range
  • Tool-free, one-touch lift adjustment for each section
  • New spring design with rounded arm sections
  • 19 pounds net weight camera capacity
  • Pinch zone elimianted
  • Two-section arm with quick release
  • New Post assembly permists different size post length


  • Lightweight design system sled
  • Optional high definition or standard composite monitors
  • Professional tool-free two axis arm-to- body angle interconnect
  • New Gimbal Assembly
  • Carbon Fiber 2-section indexed post
  • No-tools post adjustment
  • Complete System
  • Operates in standard or low mode
  • Proprietary 12/24 volt switchable power capability
  • 3-pin 12/24 volt power connector
  • Kipp® Handle secure locking stage/battery assembly
  • New design battery assembly for easier dynamic balance adjustment


  • New ergonomic lightweight design
  • Metal shoulder connection
  • New removable vest and pad covers
  • Proprietary arm/vest connector
  • 100% positive vest-to-shoulder clips
  • Stiff front spar and yoke
  • Vertical adjustment of socket block for extended lens height, especially useful in low-mode
  • Socket block  mounts left or right
  • Two basic vest sizes to fit any operator




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Steadicam® Flyer-LE  
for Video and Film Production

Based on the award-winning Steadicam Flyer technology, the LE Steadicam is a new design offering many new features and benefits for the operator. 

The FLYER-LE features a newly designed sled assembly (camera mounting platform) that has a robust carbon fiber no-tools extendable post.  A safety system inside the post prevents the post from separating.  The index system keeps all parts in alignment.  A newly patented friction free gimbal assembly with large knurled extended handle fits securely in the operator’s hand.  Locking mechanisms for the top and bottom of the sled are tool free allowing quick on-set changes.  Precision stage adjustment assures exacting balance of the camera to the rig. The sled will work with both 12 volt and 24 volt cameras.
The new tools free patented Iso-Elastic™ Stabilizer Arm supports 19 pounds of camera weight.  The no-tools Arm / Vest interface allows for quick customization to the individual operator. 
On the fly weight adjustment frees the operator from dismounting the system to make changes.  The open design of the arm has freedom of movement unknown in this weight class.  The new adjustable arm post assembly is a feature usually found on more expensive systems.  The arm will come apart with a pin removal for quick and neat storage.

The vest assembly is a continuation of the comfortable FLYER vest.  An ergonomic fit of the breast plate combined with the new solid metal shoulder fasteners assure a new comfort level for extended use.  The pads are easily removed for cleaning or replacement. 

All components fit neatly and securely in the provided custom travel bag.  It also has a pocket that will accept an optional trolley for ease of transport.  A featured system combines the FLYER-LE with IDX Dual Charger and two Tiffen PowerCUBE™ batteries.  These robust batteries will satisfy any film or video power demand.


System Package Includes:

  • Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled)
  • Telescoping Centerpost (18.5-32in/47-81cm ) with large-diameter Delrin knurled handle
  • Active Matrix 16:9 / 4:3 Color LCD monitor with anti-reflection coating- 500 nits.
  • 5lb. to 19lb. Camera Capacity Iso-Elastic Arm
  •  Lightweight Vest ( Compact Vest optional )
  • Battery Mount ( IDX V- mount, Anton Bauer )
  • Docking Bracket
  • 12V Power Cable
  • 3 ft. light weight BNC video cable
  • Dovetail Plate
  • 5/32" T-Handle Allen Wrench
  • Tiffen SteadiSTAND (fits inside case)
  • Soft Case
  • BNC to RCA Adaptor
  • RCA to BNC Adaptor
  • Instructional VHS Training Tape (SK Model)
  • EFP Instructional DVD
  • Owner's Manual





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