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The Clipper 324 Features:

Camera mounting chassis (sled)
• Low friction gimbal
• Carbon fiber 3-section post
• Owner's manual 

Battery mounts available:
—Dual IDX V-mount (324)
—Dual Anton Bauer (312 only)

• 35 lb net camera capacity
• Long Dovetail Plate
• No-tools arm post clamp
• Color LCD monitor, 700 nits - 16:9
• Dynamic spin and docking bracket
• Wheeled sled hard case
• Soft case for the arm and vest
• Lightweight LX vest
• T-handle Allen wrench
• Mounting screws 1/4-20 and 3/8-16

Stage with Tilt Head:
Heavy-duty, wide-set bearings for vibration-
 free shooting
• Micro-precision drive for precise fore-aft and side-to-side balancing

Professional connectors:
• BNC for HD/SDI
• BNC for composite video
• 3-pin LEMO for camera power
• Tally light connector
• 3-pin LEMO for focus motor systems
• HRS power and video out for transmitters

Extended dovetail plate
•Lever type dovetail clamp
•Nose box for professional accessory
 mounting (focus motor amps, etc.)

LX Vest:
New rugged design using key components from our top-of-the-line series to produce a durable, comfortable, and superbly functional vest 
• Incorporates a wide stance chest plate with quick release shoulder buckle mechanism
• Buckles can be independently locked
• Fully vertically adjustable chest plate with two-position chest buckles to help fit various body sizes 
• All vest fabric made from durable high-quality “dynamite” weather-resistant black nylon
• Integrated positional lower back pad for added comfort
• Upgraded and improved front waist support band for a “flex free” vest-to-arm interface
• New “sound stage friendly” anti-squeak chest and waist buckle design
• Side-mounting drop-in professional tilt stageNew “no pinch” chest strap grips designed for added comfort
• All vest fabric made from durable high-quality “dynamite” weather-resistant black nylon
Unique buckle indexing mechanism allows you to easily locate, latch, or unlatch the over shoulder buckles

G-50X Arm:
“Geo”—revolutionary design extends
Iso-Elastic™ response curve
• “Ride”—knob adjustable control of Iso-Elastic™ response
• 32" boom range
• Super smooth response throughout entire weight range
• 10–50 lb capacity

• HD Transvideo monitor
• HD/SDI Brite monitor

Clipper 324 equipped with optional HD monitor:
8.4" color LCD
•1400 nits
• HD Component
• Composite NTSC/PAL/SECAM

Clipper 324 equipped with optional HD/SDI monitor:
HD/SDI color 7" monitor
• Framepoints
• NTSC/PAL composite
• Tally indicator

• Battery packages—charger and batteries
• Steadicam PowerCube™ Battery System
• Tool kit in case with Steadicam logo
• Steadicam sand bags
• Cable kits
• Low mode kit
• Matching arm/vest hard case
• Heavy duty docking and balance stand
• Go-to motorized stage (one or two motors)
• Artificial horizon



Clipper 324

Click here for Virtual Tour

Steadicam Introduces the New Clipper Series 
for Film and Video Production

Based on the award-winning Steadicam technology, the Steadicam Clipper 324 offers a host of innovative features that have been carefully designed so the operator can easily configure their Steadicam to the best possible advantage for each shot. 

Sled features include the super strong camera mounting stage that increases the precision and repeatability of every shot. Stage positioning is smooth and effortless, and with the optional, position-sensing motors, operators can trim the sled's balance while shooting. "Go-to" buttons on the remote rebalance the sled to pre-determined positions - and return "home" - with just one touch. 

The integral tilt head tilts +/- 15° to preserve dynamic balance, to maintain high or low lens height, to help with clearance, reach, or viewing problems, or to execute precise whip pans with the lens angled up or down.

The new Wide Dovetail Lock has a broader, more positive grip on the dovetail plate. The handle has a safety stop to prevent accidental release.

The Clipper's gimbal is the smoothest, most precise gimbal ever made, with heavy duty, high precision bearings and an ergonomic yoke, and it's easy to take apart for cleaning. The Blue Whale is an optional tool that operators can use to precisely center the gimbal in the field, even after years of hard knocks.

The three-section, carbon fiber telescoping post extends the sled from 26 to 49 inches – or anywhere in between – for short to long mode shooting. The post, monitor, and gimbal clamps are either open and free, or positively locked with the clamp levers ergonomically recessed into the clamp bodies. 

The swept-back monitor mount is designed for maximum stiffness, inertial control and viewing options. It has a wider range of positions, both vertically and horizontally, and the flip-to-low mode dovetail mount is both quick and positive.

The Clipper’s standard 7”, 16:9 monitor is bright enough to be seen in full daylight (700 nits). Optional monitors available.

The Clipper 324 has dual battery mounts and uses two PowerCubes™ in series for 24 volts. Two PowerCube™ batteries provide 220 watt hours and high amperage discharge – plenty of power for the sled and today’s power hungry 35mm and High Def video cameras. 

The Clipper’s modular design allows it to be easily modified, upgraded, maintained and serviced. In addition, a “backplane” system replaces the traditional wiring harness and supports user-replaceable circuit  boards.  Microprocessors are software upgradeable. 

Quick access to the most commonly used functions – framelines, level, brightness, and contrast. The structural dovetail base solidly mounts gyros, Antlers, and other accessories. It includes positive latches for the battery rods and a pullout mounting plate for accessories. 

In addition to Steadicam’s proprietary no-tools adjustment of lift, the amazing G-50X Arm boasts a 12 to 50 pound lifting range. The patented "Geo" feature, which changes the spring tension as you boom up and down, makes the G-50X the smoothest arm ever, with an astounding boom range of 32 inches. The “Ride” adjustment precisely tunes the  arm's Iso-Elastic™ response. The new arm posts are interchangeable with a rotational drag control.

The LX Vest is lightweight and ergonomic and has been designed for increased operator control and comfort. It is constructed of “dynamite” weather resistant black nylon. Features include an integrated lower back support pad for increased comfort, improved front waist support for a “flex-free” vest-to-arm interface, buckle indexing mechanism for quick, positive latching or unlatching, vertically adjustable wide stance chest plate, a stiffer central spar and two-position chest buckles to fit varying body sizes. Other critical features include a “sound stage-friendly” anti-squeak buckle design with new, “no-pinch” chest strap grips – all features working together to complement the capabilities of the G-50X arm.

 System Package Includes:

  • Minimum profile lightweight Sled with open architecture tilting  X-Y stage assembly and option for motorized variable and programmable stage drive.
  • Variable configuration for best Dynamic Balance and Rotational Inertia control.
  • Composite extending three section center post with No-Tools adjustment.
  • Color Day-bright 7"LCD 16:9/4:3 Monitor -700 NIT Brightness, Anti-Reflection coating, NTSC/PAL
  • G-50X Dual Articulated Iso-ElasticTM Stabilizer Arm
  • "Ride Control"10-35lb (4.5-15.9kg) Net Camera Capacity
  • Quick release interchangeable arm post
  • Lightweight LX Vest with Steel Socket Block
  • NEW Ultra Low Friction No-Tools gimbal
  • True video distribution amplifier system in sled
  • Dedicated HDSDI line in sled
  • Internal Tally system
  • Power Cable (078-7351-01)
  • Video Cable (078-4122-01)
  • Dynamic Spin & Docking Bracket w/Docking Rings
  • 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 Screws
  • 5/32" T-Handle Allen Wrench
  • Wheeled Hard Case with Handle
  • Soft Case for Arm & Vest
  • Owner's Manual 


  • 24 volt supply with 12 volt down converter
  • Artificial Horizon level display
  • Two Steadicam PowerCube batteries and IDX VL-2 fast charger

Unique features:
• High-definition capable
• Virtually no-tools operation
• High-definition video capable
• Affordable cost
• G-50X dual 32" boom articulating Iso-Elastic™ Arm
• Modular construction
• Slim 3.38" sled width
• New design LX Vest
• Universal monitor mounting bracket
• “Ride” and “Geo”
• Frameline generator (standard)


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