Q: Can you tell me which Zing neoprene case will fit an Olympus e-330 camera fitted with the standard 14-45mm lens?
A: Since your Olympus e-330 with 14-45mm lens is only slightly more compact than the average DSLR, we think you'd be best off with the Zing Standard SLR cover.
Q: I have been highly recommended to get one of your Zing neoprene cases for my Nikon D70s, however, this is the common kit that has the 18-70mm zoom which has a wide filter size (67mm). I bought the SLR standard camera cover as given on your size chart but this is not big enough for the short zoom. Can you please advise me on which of your cases will fit this kit system?
A: The standard Zing SLR case accepts lenses up to 3-1/2 inches in length. We suggest you get the Large SLR cover that will accept lenses up to 4 inches long and should work with your D70S and 18-70mm lens. 
Q: I have a Canon EOS 30D with a EFS 17-85 mm lens.  It does not fit into the standard SLR Zing cover. Do you recommend the large SLR cover or the Pro cover?
A: The Large SLR cover should do the job.
Q: Could you please tell me which Zing cover would best fit a Canon 5D with 24-105L f4 lens ?
A: The best Zing cover for your Canon EOS 5D with 24-105mm L f/4 lens is the model 502, which will accept lenses that extend up to 4 inches from the camera body. However, the 502 will only accommodate the 5D with no grip. If you're using the grip, we'd suggest the Zing model 503.
Q: Which Zing case will work best with my Canon Rebel XT and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens? I was thinking of the Zing 501 unless you have a better suggestion.
A: The Zing 501 case should work just fine with your EOS Rebel XT and 18-55mm lens. This standard case is the smallest and lightest in the series and will accommodate a lens that protrudes up to 3 inches from the body.
Q: I need to know if the model (LPP1) LARGE POUCH- Number: 562-326 will accommodate Canon’s 70-200 f4 zoom WITH the attached lens shade. The shade’s diameter is about 4.2 inches and the lens is 8 inches long. It needs to fit in easily without catching. Also, Does Zing make a stuff pouch a little smaller than the (STB1) X-LRG STUFF PCH/BLK Item Number: 565-421? I cannot find them anywhere at retail to try them.
A: We don't  think the LPP1 Large Pouch will accommodate your lens with the hood on. The case is 9 inches long and your lens with hood in place will be approximately 11-12 inches long.  But, you might think about using this pouch for your second application The X-LRG Stuff Pouch is 6 inches in diameter and 8 inches longer, while the LPP1 is 9 inches long with a 4.5- inch diameter.
Q: I have a question in regards the Zing neoprene camera cover. I have a Canon EOS 350D (I believe it is called Digital Rebel in the US) with a 17-85mm IS EFS lens on it. From the end of the lens to the eyecup of the body, the camera is approximately 17.5 cm long. (lens is 10.5 cm long on its own). I know that I need a standard size cover but am not sure if I need the "standard SLR" or the "standard zoom" fitting. I would prefer not to have lots of "slack" neoprene around the lens so was wondering if the standard SLR cover would stretch over the lens? Please advise.
A:  What you want is the Standard Zoom cover, which will accommodate a 7-inch length and will be a pretty snug fit on your camera/lens combo. The Standard SLR cover will not fit properly.
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