Drone over Whales with Emily Kaszton

Tiffen Flight Team member Emily Kaszton invites you to drone with her over whales and dolphins!

Emily has partnered with Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari to offer you “Droning with Whales & Dolphins”. By signing up, you’ll join an intimate group out on a boat in Dana Point, CA. – Each attendee gets the opportunity to fly and learn from one of the best drone pilots in the industry, while capturing some of the true wonders of the ocean.


Behind the Scenes with Ryan Struck – Part 2

What was the main concept behind this production?

The main concept behind this production was to create an original commercial for the New York based shoe brand, GREATS. Myself, co-director Delgis Mustafa, and producer Kris Rey-Talley met with the marketing team to discuss the brand’s goals, identity, and bounce ideas around. We landed on The Great Discovery… a tongue in cheek concept about scientists who find the ingredients of the GREATS shoes and brand’s ethos.


Drone Filter 101

So you just bought a brand new drone. You are all excited, you unwrap the packaging and charge up the batteries and insert your micro SD card. You watched videos and took and passed your FAA 107 exam. You get your drone up in the air over a beautiful landmark. You start to snap photos and start playing with video. The footage looks amazing on your 7-inch smartphone screen, but when you get home on your computer, you start to notice the issues…

This could be propeller blades in your tracking shot… The all too dreaded “jello effect” where your footage is filled with ripples… Or you are picking up heavy reflections over the water and the sky looks washed out. These are all issues that plague first time drone operators.

I know it can be exciting to get your drone up in the air. However, it can be even more exciting to get that perfect photo or crisp 4K video footage.

This past week, Tiffen launched Drone Filters for the DJI™ Mavic 2 Pro, DJI™ Mavic 2 Zoom, DJI™ Mavic Air & DJI™ Inspire 2. While we are excited to get these filters in the hands of aerial imagemakers, we wanted to give you a quick breakdown on some of our Frequently Asked Questions.


How to Take and Edit Drone Photos

Article By Tiffen Flight Team Member, Adam Goldberg

Aerial views provide a unique perspective on landscapes and cities. With the proliferation of drones there are more opportunities than ever to get out and take photos from above ground. While the image quality from drones has increased, most of the popular drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro 2 and Phantom 4 series, still don’t measure up to what you get from your DSLR. As such, it is important to take a few steps to take better photos. Let’s talk about some tips on how to take and edit drone photos.


Sit Down with Elena Buenrostro

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with Elena Buenrostro, Founder & CEO of Women Who Drone. Elena is out to push the boundaries of female drone pilots and is at the forefront of UAV education.


The Best of Shotkit

Our friends over at Shotkit are celebrating their 4th anniversary. We absolutely love their website and how they featured professional photographers gear through the years. As we browsed the post we noticed many photographers using Tiffen gear, especially Domke Bags and the Lowel GL-1! Check out some of our favorites below:


Using the Lowel Go Lite on Location

Article by: Jeff Mauritzen

I was really excited to get my hands on the Lowel Go Lite. It’s a really affordable, portable and easy to use, accessory light. While it’s not powerful enough to light an entire landscape, it does work well as an accent light in low light situations.

Scenario 1:  In February, I went out west on a photo trip with a friend to Arizona and Utah. I knew I was going to do be doing a lot of hiking and with a bag already laden down with lots of camera gear, and I definitely didn’t want to bring any extra weight with me. The Go Lite was the easy to carry solution!


Behind the Scenes with Leo Kawabe

Today we had the chance to sit down with Cinematographer Leo Kawabe about his latest piece, “Dust”. Leo used Tiffen Filters throughout the production. “Dust” is a short film that mixes poetry and visual drama to tell the story of Zen and Brooke; two souls connected by the same pain. Between the sky and the salt beds lies a world of dust; where sometimes, what is left is either death or a reminder of it. The reasons for choosing death are not always clear, but we can look deeper into the human vessels that reach this threshold.”

Tell us a little about the concept of this piece… What was the look you were going for?

First of all, this was a very limited film in terms of budget, crew, time and equipment.

It was done by me and the director (Renato Cabral). We rented a car and traveled from LA to Las Vegas to shoot in 6 days.

The first 3 days were used for tech scout which was crucial since the locations were very far from one another and we needed to calculate the logistics, especially to be able to get the best light.

The look the Director and I had spoken about was to have an organic feel to the images; making the most out of the natural light and the locations.


How to Edit the Milky Way

Article By: Tiffen Flight Team Member, Kawika Lopez
Shared from: 9th Ave Studios Blog

When I first got into photography, one of the most exciting moments I can remember was being at the top of Haleakala on Maui. It was just around freezing temperatures when we arrived at about 3am. After setting up my camera on a tripod and waiting for a 30 second exposure, the image review popped up. I saw my first shot of the Milky Way on the rear display of my 5D mark III and I was hooked.


Sit Down with Renan Ozturk

Today we had the honor to sit down with NatGeo Photographer and North Face Climber Renan Ozturk.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a mix of a landscape artist turned professional climber turned cinematographer and director. I started painting pictures and having a life on the road and living in national parks under rocks, literally. Learning climbing and appreciating landscape and wild places in a roundabout way working towards capturing stories I can share with people though film. Now I’m just traveling around telling different stories based on climbing but others that are broader ranging and have to do with culture or conservation.

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