Article by: Ky Ferguson

Long exposure photography is my favorite kind of photography, especially waterfalls. When I am out in the field everything stands still and all I have to focus on is my camera and the nature around me. I always challenge myself to find a composition that people overlook and or have never taken before of a waterfall and that is what leads me to the story on this specific waterfall and how I got the shot. Tumalo falls is in Bend, Oregon. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area and you can even walk behind the falls. I have visited this waterfall many times but never when there was snow and ice on the ground. The moment I saw this I knew I had to get down to the river to take a photo. I played with a couple compositions on the hill but was not satisfied and I knew I would regret not trying to get below. The hill was very steep and covered in snow and ice so it was not the safest. Once I got down to the river, I walked out across the river hopping from snow covered rock to snow covered rock and ended up standing on a thin sheet of ice and setting up my camera there.

Luckily for me, I recently got the Davis & Sanford TR684C-36 Carbon Fiber tripod which is a huge game changer for me as a photographer. In the past it was such a hassle to take a tripod on hikes because they were too large and heavy or they were so small that I couldn’t set it up in certain places for my desired composition. Now, I actually want to take my tripod on hikes because the TR684 is so light, packs down very well and it extends to be a large tripod! As I was setting up the shot it just happened that the ice in the foreground of the shot lined up very well and leads you into the photo! I stood there with my legs shaking on the ice as I assembled my equipment. I put on my Tiffen 1.2 ND filter on my lens so that I could take a longer exposure since it was about 2:00pm in the afternoon. Without the Tiffen ND filter I would not have been able to get a long enough exposure to get the water so smooth. Twenty minutes later I had an arsenal of photos, dry shoes, and a smile on my face because I knew that I had captured Tumalo Falls in a way that very few have done before.

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Michael Cassara
Michael Cassara
When he isn't clicking away on his camera, Michael can be found quoting every Will Ferrell movie, cruising up and down the beach in his Jeep, or just spending some quality with his family and dog, Daisy. As the Marketing Communications Manager at Tiffen, Michael oversees our social media, our ambassador team as well as this very blog! Michael is also an accomplished and Award Winning Wedding Photographer from Long Island.
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